Best Websites To Download PC Games

By Team_ShockingMind | Posted on 2018-11-11

There are many websites out there which allows you to download PC games for free without going through any surveys. We all know that it is not easy for us to buy that expensive games out there not if play a lot of games. So in this post, I will introduce to some of the greatest websites for PC games and If you love the website then please share this post with your friends and help them to know about these websites too.




So the first website for PC games is Otorrent, Otorrent is one of my favorite websites because it has a lot of good games and all the games available here works fine, Even games don't contain any patches or crack, You just need to download them and install it in your computer.I also use this website because I know that games will have no virus and I don't have to worry about that game will run or not. You need to have BitTorrent or any other torrent software installed on your computer because you'll get a torrent file by using which you will download the game.


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BlackBox is another great website for PC games, Here you can download games using torrent and without using torrent. Generally, BlackBox games are less in size because they are compressed and the game will take time to install on your computer because first, it will extract then it will install. You can also try this website because sometimes games which are not available on other websites can be easily found here. I would say you must have a look at this website. Click on website name to go BlackBox Website.



3. Ocean Of Games

Ocean Of Games as the name says it contains nearly all games and when you don't find your games anywhere don't go anywhere just visit this website and you'll definitely find the game here. I have put this website on the third number because games might contains cracks and which I think we all hate about games so if you don't have any problem with cracks then this website is made for you. Give it a try !!! 


4. My Download Tube

Download tube is also a nice website for PC games but this site contains a lot of advertisements so I would suggest you have a popup blocker or advertisement blocker in your web browser. Although this site contains latest games so you can also try this website for PC games.

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