Best websites to download movies (Bollywood / Hollywood / Tollywood) without using torrent

By Team_ShockingMind | Posted on 2018-11-11

When we talk about entertainment suddenly a word strikes into our mind "Movie", We all love to watch movies whether it is Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood etc, everyone has their own interest each of us loves different genre movie but before you see a movie, you must have it in your device. So there are many ways you can watch movies, you can go for a paid movies streaming platform like NETFLIX, PRIME, HULU, HOTSTAR or if you don't want to spend money on these things then you can go for a  shortcut or for free services. Many people go for this option because of the habit of using everything for free. So here in this post, I would talk about a few websites which allow you to download movies for free and you can watch them on your device. I would not talk about any torrent website here so if you are here to know about how you can download movies from the torrent then I would suggest you to switch to the different post.



Extramovies is a great website for downloading a movie for free, All movies are available on Blu-ray and those who love to watch a movie dubbed then this website is made for you, Not just movies you can also download TV series also, This website contains movies from all movie streaming sites (NETFLIX, PRIME). Many links for download are available it's up to you which link you prefer to download a movie.



Worldfree4u is a famous movie site which lets you download movies for free, It is possible that if you ever searched for movie website you might encounter this website because it has a huge traffic on it and very popular. Many links for download is available on this website you can choose which you prefer. Here I want to give you one little extra advice that it should be good if you have adblocker in your browser because this site will open many popups, they aren't dangerous but sometimes irritate a lot. Check out this website also you'll like it.



Sdmoviespoint is another great website for movies and tv series, It has a bunch of movies, you can select and download movies year wise. Sdmoviespoint has Hindi, English, Punjabi, and Hollywood Dubbed Also, So I suggest you should try this one also. It is good to have more options so I'm adding one more to your list.



Downloadhub is another choice on the list and I think when you are searching for a movie search here you'll find more option here because this site uploads movies in various sizes and in various resolution so It is good to have more option, You can try this one also. Why I'm giving you more options? Because when you search for a movie I don't want to get you in a situtation where you don't find a movie, that's why I'm giving you more options so if you don't find a movie on one website you can check on another.



9xMovies has really got good movies library, and you can download a lot of movies from here and all movies are available in Great Quality (Blu-ray). It is great when you have a number of options, This website is really cool that's why it made it to my list. I personally like this website and I hope you'll like this too. Oh! you are still reading stop reading and go check out all these websites now !.


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