Best android apps to watch/Download Movies and TV series for free

By Team_ShockingMind | Posted on 2018-09-27

If you are an Android user and love to watch Movies and T.V series then this post will definitely make you smile. There are so many third party apps which will let you watch and download movies and tv series for free. But before you download these apps and install them in your device make sure you have enabled "Unknown resources" option in your android device. If you have not done that, don't worry just follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to your phone settings.

Step 2: Now go to Security.

Step 3: Now look for "Unknown resources", enable it if it is disabled.

If you have done above three steps then you are ready for your Fourth step.

Step 4: Download and Install your app. 

Now download the apps from the links given below and enjoy !!!


1. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is an excellent app for watching movies and Tv series. All movies are available in HD, You can choose between 720p and 1080p. You can also download movies from this app and watch them later. It has a lot of movies, you just need to search for a movie in this app. You can watch NETFLIX shows and other popular shows. Click Here to download the Popcorn Time app.


2. Terrarium-TV

Terrarium TV is a very awesome app to watch tv series and movies for free. The best thing about this application is that it has movies from different film industries means you can Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil etc movies, And not only this, You can also watch NETFLIX, HULU, Amazon Prime etc shows. Watch online or download it is up to you. Click Here to download the Terrarium-TV app.


3. Show Box

Show-Box is another great app to watch movies and TV series, It has thousands of movies and lots of Tv shows if you have not tried this app before then try it now and you won't regret after using it. All the shows and movies are in HD, It has a news corner which will update you with latest movies review and news. You can watch the latest movies on this app. Click Here to download the Show-Box app.


 4. FreeFlix

Free-Flix is a third party app to watch Movies and TV shows and with this app, you can also watch Animes if you are an anime fan and just like another third-party movie app you can also download movies. This application gives you more option to choose the server from which you want to watch the movie. You can add movies into favorites to watch them later. Choose movies from different categories and different genre. Click Here to download the Free-Flix app.

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