Good news for sacred games fans, Netflix announces season 2 of sacred games

By Team_ShockingMind | Posted on 2018-09-25

If you use the internet then I'm sure that you are aware of this Netflix-India most popular and most awaited show sacred games. sacred games season one was launched on Netflix on 6 July 2018 and no one has had imagined that It'll become so popular.

season one was left at the curious end and after watching it everyone was shaking their head and saying what the f**k has happened here and if you watched it then you did the same thing too.

After a long wait, Netflix has announced that season two of sacred games coming soon and they posted a video on every social media platform. The release date is not clear yet but we hope it they will announce that too very soon.




We hope that Netflix will announce the release date of sacred games season two soon. And hope that wait for this show will worth it. 

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