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By Team_ShockingMind | Posted on 2018-10-11

After seeing that message that terrarium TV saying goodbye to all of us, was heartbreaking because terrarium TV app is different from other movies and tv app, It allows you to watch the latest movies and tv shows and you don't need to use any kind of VPN to use it, Like we have to do with popcorn time app. Also, It has a great collection of movies and tv shows.

But after seeing that message everyone loses their mind and start finding alternatives for terrarium TV app. Yes, patched version of this app is also available on the internet but it is true that we don't know how many days will it work and process to download that patched version is so tricky.

Why not go for alternatives? Because once terrarium was gone down many alternatives of that app comes on the internet.

Here, I will talk about the best alternative to terrarium TV app I found on the internet.


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Tea TV


Yes, Tea Tv is the best alternative to the terrarium TV app, Earlier this app was a mess not containing the good amount of movies also not beautifully designed but terrarium was gone down and I searched for alternatives, I found this and I must say this app improved a lot.

I'm telling you once you start using this app you won't remember terrarium TV app because both apps are exactly same. In terms of looks and use.

Like terrarium app, you can do everything in this app like you were doing in the terrarium TV app. You can download movies and your favorite tv shows.

so if you have not used this app yet, then go download it and try it out.

Click Here to download the app now.

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