(PUBG) Player Unknown Battlegrounds created 7 guinness records, Do you know about this?

By Team_ShockingMind | Posted on 2018-11-09

Whether you play games or not but if you use the internet then I'm sure you must have heard of PUBG. PUBG stands for "Player Unknown Battlegrounds" is a popular multiplayer game around the globe and people are really addicted to this game. Age is just a number for this game, Even parents are also playing this game. 

No matter where do you live, you'll definitely find the PUBG gamer near you. Even girls are playing this game and they all are addicted to it.
Not only this, This game is actually a treat for YouTubers because they are live streaming this game and gaining popularity and earning money from.

The reason why PUBG is so much popular is that you can play this with your friends in real-time and gives you a real battle feel. You learn a lot from this game too. this game will teach you not to give up, help your friends and face the situation.

Also, it is good to play a game but as a good friend, I will suggest you to not get addicted to this game.

So, Apart from this game popularity, there is a good news for PUBG game developers, fans and publishers. This game has actually made 7 Guinness records. Yes! you read it right this game actually made 7 new Guinness records. Time to celebrate Huh! With celebration, I mean "Time To play".

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